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Harold W

For a long time, Harold was living the good life in Maricopa, AZ.  An Army veteran, having served as a combat medic in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Harold returned home to become a firefighter, marry, and raise a family.  He showed some signs of PTSD through those first 18 years.  Then, one day he had a severe flashback on the job, triggering a downward spiral.  Later, injured on the job, things got worse and soon after that he wasn’t able to cope with the PTSD, lost his job and lost his family.   He sought help from the Veterans Administration in Tucson. That move started him on a tough five-year journey through recovery from mental illness, homelessness, jail, and living in a men’s shelter – a life he never imagined he would live.

His search for housing that he could afford took him to places with terrible living conditions and to communities that fostered a “negative environment”.   When Harold found Downtown Motor Apartments, he was grateful to find quality, affordable housing in a community of positive people and with very supportive management staff to help him navigate and reboot his life.

His first six months in his new apartment taught him a lot. It is a quality apartment with many amenities and is safe.  He looks at his life now as an opportunity to learn and grow.  Harold is able to focus on his mental health, become more mindful, participate in VA programs, and manage his PTSD.  He is developing new life skills by learning to take care of himself, his environment and his finances. 

Today, Harold is a sober man who is aware of everything going on around him.  He now believes that if he participates in his life, he will get out of it what he puts into it.  Harold understands the value of engaging in the Downtown Motor Apartments community and is a volunteer and attendee at its many events and workshops. He pitches in, helps others, and helps make his community a better place. Harold enjoys working in the community garden, helping at the monthly Your Healthy Home Market, and participating in the social and educational activities of the complex.  He sees his participation as “social equity” and views living at Downtown Motor Apartments as a partnership.  He is researching the GI bill and options to pursue an education and career in information technology.  He has a positive outlook for his future and is thankful that he has found the best place to live in Tucson and that it helps him on his journey.


Rosanna believes in the strength of community where neighbor helps neighbor, family helps family, and friends help friends. Because of this, Rosanna has found that Downtown Motor Apartments is ideal for her as she moves into her senior years.

Rosanna had been married to her husband for 1.5 short years when he passed away. Her mother, to whom she was very close, had died just prior to that and Rosanna found herself living alone and far removed from family. She decided to start fresh. However, living on a fixed disability income and finding livable, affordable housing turned out to be a real challenge.

Rosanna was fortunate to have a friend that was working at another Compass Affordable Housing community who told her about Downtown Motor Apartments. Shortly thereafter, both Rosanna and her sister moved into separate apartments. They were surprised to learn that Rosanna’s cousin was already living at Downtown Motor Apartments!

 Rosanna faced some challenges adjusting to her new apartment.  She had never lived in an apartment nor had she lived alone.  Three years later, she says she loves her home at Downtown Motor Apartments where she has made a lot of friends and participates in many of the community events.

 She has also found purpose living at Downtown Motor Apartments. She has become a caring friend to several of her neighbors.  They cook for each other, eat together and socialize.  One of her neighbors, a 90-year-old woman, has been able to maintain her apartment due to Rosanna’s assistance.  Rosanna visits daily, does her shopping shares meals with her and takes her to appointments when needed. 

Rosanna will tell you that this is the best move she ever made. She doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

In addition to the happiness she has found being of service to others, Rosanna loves living downtown where she is able to walk everywhere and enjoy the arts and cultural activities there. She feels safe in the apartment, protected from unwanted outside visitors. She enjoys Your Healthy Home Market, which helps her maintain good nutrition, game and movie nights, and gardening in the community garden. Though she is sometimes lonely, she has friends and family around her. So, in that sense, she is never alone.

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