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Community Housing

Compass Affordable Housing (CAH) believes that family and community health begins in the HOME. Safe and stable housing is the key to building strong, healthy families and a balanced community where all people can live, love, learn and grow.

In 2014, Compass Affordable Housing started our Community Housing program.  Today we work with the City of Tucson, Pima County and the Arizona Department of Housing to assist families.  The goal of Community Housing is to help people move from homelessness to stable housing that they will eventually be able to maintain on their own.

The Community Housing program provides housing placement and financial assistance, as well as ongoing support, to formerly homeless people, families, single parent families and other people looking for housing.  Each participant chooses where he/she/they wish to live in the community that is convenient to work, schools and local businesses.  Rent and utility assistance helps families stabilize while a designated housing specialist works with participants to:

  • Find employment and increase income,
  • Build income and reduce debt,
  • Create and live within a budget,
  • Learn life skills, and
  • Stabilize their families.

At CAH, we respect the family dynamic.

We do not want you to worry if you need to bring your children with you to one of your appointments. We have this comfortable designated children’s area that is within view and earshot of parents!

When coordinating future appointments with your housing assistant, please mention you would like to bring your children.

The housing specialist and the participant create a plan to meet their goals and specific challenges.  Housing specialists provide case management and work with families to reunify them, when possible, and assure that children are in childcare or school. 

Active partnerships with community groups and agencies also help with referrals, education, employment, training and assistance.  Each successful participant and family will have become independent and be able to pay their own rent and utilities by the time they leave the program. 

If you are currently homeless, facing homelessness, and/or a single parent or transitioning household, please contact us to find out more about eligibility and start the process to get help.

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OR Contact the Community Housing Manager at (520) 647-9652