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Rental Housing

Since our very beginning, Compass Affordable Housing (CAH) has created affordable housing with you, our future tenants, in mind. As a result, we offer safe and quality housing with Tenant Services programs and special features at each site designed to provide you with support.

Compass Affordable Housing currently owns and manages apartment complexes in Tucson. Each community has its own unique identity. Activities and services are available to each household interested in engaging in the community where they live. We know that you will find that you have common goals and interests with your neighbors.

We live in them
We love in them
We learn and grow in them
We raise our families there

We have a place for you to call HOME.

Alvord Court Apartments

Located on South Park Avenue, this 25-unit ADA accessible apartment complex was designed for persons with disabilities.

Downtown Motor Apartments

This 44-unit community is located on South Stone in downtown Tucson, convenient for low-income Veterans and low-wage earners.

Glenstone Village Apartments

Centrally located, this 72-unit complex promotes substance free healthy living for low-income individuals and families.


Common features at each property include:

Tenant Services

Your Healthy Home Market

Community Gardens (Alvord Court Apartments and Downtown Motor Apartments)

Gated Communities 

Community Rooms

Outdoor Spaces

Bike Racks and Ample Parking

Computer and Business Centers

Laundry Facilities

Elevator Access (Alvord Court Apartments and Downtown Motor Apartments)

Exercise Equipment (Downtown Motor Apartments and Glenstone Village Apartments)

Access to Public Transportation

Utilities Included

Alvord Court Apartments

Alvord Court Apartments

Alvord Court Apartments sits on 1.26 acres of land, located at 5901 S Park Avenue, and is a permanent housing community designed for persons with disabilities. There are 25 ADA-accessible 1 and 2 bedroom units for persons of all ages and abilities.

The Alvord Court Community Garden brings residents and neighbors together to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs that are organic, fresh, and available to all tenants. Residents and neighbors work alongside one another during the growing season to plant, nurture, harvest and share the produce they have grown.

The Alvord Court Community Garden cultivates community as well as crops.

Monthly Rent: One Bedroom $700 and Two Bedroom $800. Utilities included.

(520) 589-8096

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Downtown Motor Apartments

Downtown Motor Apartments

Enjoy living in this beautifully renovated “Motor Hotel” in downtown Tucson.  This beautiful mixture of the old and new, located at 383 S Stone Avenue, offers 44 units, both 1 and 2 bedrooms, for low-income veterans and low-wage earners.  Enjoy beautiful views of downtown and the surrounding desert. Apartments offer great mountain and city views, and are near shopping and cultural events.

Monthly Rent: One Bedroom starting at $575; Two Bedrooms starting at $691. Utilities included.

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Glenstone Village Apartments

Glenstone Village Apartments

Centrally located at 2835 N Stone Avenue, Glenstone Village offers 72 units (studio, 1 or 2 bedrooms) that are ideal for individuals and families choosing to live in recovery from substance abuse.  Located near public transportation, grocery stores, schools and parks.

Monthly Rent: Studio starting at $569-711; One Bedroom starting at $609-761; Two Bedroom starting at $731-913. Utilities included.

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CAH Tenant Services 

Because we care about your success in your new housing, we offer an on-site Tenant Services program designed to supplement and support any services you may already access in the community. The Tenant Services team provides tenants with information, guidance, and access to local services and resources that assist you in achieving your life objectives and housing stability.

For this reason, the Tenant Services Specialists at each location are available to:

  • Meet and greet new tenants and provide follow-up services.
  • Provide job search assistance, advocacy, life skills, and assistance with household changes and needs.
  • Sponsor and organize on-site community events, workshops and meetings.
  • Make referrals and connect tenants to local services and resources.
  • Follow up to see that services are being accessed or delivered effectively to each household.

Tenants are offered many individual and group activities. These optional services and activities are available free of charge as a benefit of living in CAH housing. Two of our most popular programs have been developed to help tenants gain strength and independence and are described below. Together, our programs can help you build or strengthen the life skills you need to get the most out of life!

The Your Healthy Home Market (YHHM) is an exciting monthly event that gives tenants access to healthy produce, grains, protein and herbs. As part of each YHHM, we offer nutrition classes that teach you how to plan a healthier diet, shop and stretch your food budget, store and cook fresh produce, enjoy easy, healthy exercise, etc.  At the end of each monthly Market, tenants “shop” for free and healthy food.

The Solutions and Opportunities Based on Everyday Recovery (SOBER Model) is designed to help you build life skills – the skills we all need to cope with everyday challenges in life.  Each quarter focuses on one of these areas: mental health, physical health, financial health and community health.  During the quarter, we offer you individual and community-wide educational sessions on a variety of interesting topics that will help you accomplish your ambitions and live to your full potential.