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Compass Affordable Housing changes lives!

GIVE: When you give to Compass Affordable Housing, you help low-income families avoid homelessness, provide financial assistance for people with special needs, food security for seniors on fixed incomes, and employment services for their economic stability and long-term success.

GET: A dollar-for-dollar AZ Charitable Tax Credit when you donate to Compass Affordable Housing.

Up to $421 for individuals

Up to $841 for Couples (Married Filing Joint)

We make it easy:

1: Donate

2: We send you a confirmation with our QCO Code 20341

3: File your taxes and receive it back on your AZ tax return*

*Please consult your tax professional for advice about specific tax situations.

Direct Your Tax Dollars and Change Lives in our community:

Claim your tax credit using the AZDOR Form 321 and QCO Code 20341

Compass Affordable Housing Arizona tax credit