August 8, 2016


Community Housing

Compass Affordable Housing implements housing assistance and support services to formerly homeless, single parent and transitioning households, including youth. We provide case management, referrals, financial assistance and advocacy to and for low-income and single head of households  seeking to re-stabilize their families and lives. We help families obtain and maintain housing while in job training, school and newly employed. CAH has active partnerships with community groups, and agencies that provide referrals, education, financial and non- cash assistance, training, etc.

Compass Affordable Housing staff work to help single parents, mostly women, obtain affordable, appropriate housing and reunify with their children. Services support the reunification of these families. CAH’s collaborates with several local and governmental agencies and housing search and support services and referrals to women and single parents’ transition out of homelessness. Each household meets with CAH staff weekly and in one-on-one sessions until housing is secured. CAH then provides follow-up and ongoing services for the family.

Tenant Services

The primary function of Tenant Services is to effectively assist and empower tenants to enhance the quality of their daily lives and to more fully and successfully participate in the educational and economic mainstream. CAH is unique as an organization because the people who live in our buildings are at the heart of our development and planning. The inclusion of support services in a permanent housing setting, which caters specifically to the population residing there, provides many opportunities for us to create and/or find new and different options for tenants and to help maintain a stable housing community. Typical apartment developers build and manage housing. CAH takes the extra step to help households maintain their housing. Since our concern is two-fold, the tenant and the community, we focus on helping tenants stabilize on many levels so that they can become active participants in their community and in the local economy. Caring about the community with whom we house is essential and CAH’s tenant services program is designed to augment and support any services households may already access in the community.. The Tenant Services team provides tenants with information about and guidance and supportive access to local services and resources that assist them in achieving their life objectives. Tenant Services is an integral part of the housing and property team and plays a critical role in the overall property’s impact in enhancing the quality of the community’s health.


CAH staff and its board have a variety of backgrounds including being active in grassroots advocacy, being single parents, being in recovery from substance abuse, being low-income, having special needs and serving in the United States military. Not only do we strive to be a voice we also strive to help people have their own voice and to be successful getting their needs met. We advocate on behalf of the families we work with and we help families believe in their own dignity and ability to get their needs met. CAH encourages its staff and volunteers to initiate the steps required to ensure that families maintain stable housing, access benefits they are eligible for, receive the services that are supposed to get and are supported through emergencies.

CAH staff have built partnerships with community groups, investors, federal and state agencies, as well as local municipalities to bring millions of dollars of investment dollars to help invigorate communities and distressed neighborhoods. We pride ourselves on being able to make significant, positive differences in communities and neighborhoods.

Our commitment to safe, affordable, low-income housing has brought us to work in collaboration with the following groups:

Tucson Pima County Coalition to End Homelessness
Pima County Housing Search
Trees for Tucson
The Southern Arizona Land Trust
Primavera Foundation
The Haven
Intermountain Centers for Human Development
Project Insight
Our Family Services
Southwest Institute for Research on Women
Salvation Army
Gospel Rescue Mission
Triangle Y Camp
Assistance League of Tucson
Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona
Sister Jose’s Women’s Center
Sullivan Jackson Employment Center

CAH supports the commitment of these groups and their efforts. We work in a collaborative manner whenever possible to advocate on the behalf of the people we serve.