August 9, 2016


Housing Development & Consulting Services

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Housing Development

Working with a strong team of financial consultants, funders, contractors, architects, legal counsel, and investors, CAH and staff have demonstrated development experience by completing several affordable housing projects in Arizona, including tribal land, and financed by several sources. Projects have been nominated for and received awards and recognition. CAH recently completed a Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) project that included substantial reconstruction of a 59-unit dilapidated apartment complex to provide a 72-until permanent housing complex with supportive services.

CAH staff has extensive experience in affordable housing development, construction oversight and financing, project development, federal funding, and program and project compliance. In addition, CAH staff have rich educational backgrounds in organizational and business management; agency and program reorganization; program design and implementation; capacity building; resource utilization management; direct service delivery; accounting, audit and compliance; financing and financial operations; operations management; and the acquisition, new construction, and rehabilitation of properties and sites that serve low-income populations.

CAH’s experience also includes experience with:

  • HOME and CDBG
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration
  • HUD Homebuyer Counseling and First-time Home Buyer programs
  • USDA Mutual Self-Help Housing
  • HUD Tenant Opportunities Program
  • HUD Supportive Housing Program
  • HUD Section 811and HUD HOPE 3
  • Arizona Department of Housing State Housing Funds
  • Low Income Tax Credit
  • US Department of Agricultural Rural Development Programs
  • State of Arizona’s Prison Cities Housing Development Funds
  • Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program
  • Department of Economic Security ESG and Child Care Administration

Consulting Services

CAH provides consulting services, grant writing, program development and housing development assistance to private developers, non-profits, governmental agencies and community organizations. Contact us at (520) 305-4724 and/or for more information.