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COVID 19 Information & Resources

Our Doors are Open!


These are confusing, anxiety-filled, and uncertain times for all of us. But this does not mean that the important work of Compass Affordable Housing has stopped.  Our services just look a little different during this time of uneasiness. Here is what we are doing to serve our CAH tenants and Community Housing participants during this pandemic and the recovery:

  1. We are not evicting tenants who lose their jobs from CAH-owned communities. Our mission is to help people build housing stability and we stand by that!
  2. Where possible, we have implemented no-contact food delivery to low-income households.
  3. While maintaining our social distance, we are hosting daily phone contact with tenants and households we serve in all of our programs to provide resources and encouragement.  
  4. We are advocating for Community Housing participants living in other complexes with landlords and employers.
  5. We are proactively reaching out to tenants, program participants and former clients with crisis resources and information updates.
  6. We are collaborating with other community organizations to assist as many people as possible.
  7. In order to observe social distancing, we had to suspend Your Healthy Home Market* temporarily. During this time, we are delivering the food typically distributed to tenants on market day to a local soup kitchen and a women’s shelter to help feed the many they serve each day.


*What is the Your Healthy Home Market?

The Your Healthy Home Market (YHHM) is an exciting monthly event that gives tenants access to healthy produce, grains, protein and herbs. As part of each YHHM, we offer nutrition classes that teach tenants how to plan a healthier diet, shop and stretch their food budgets, store and cook fresh produce, enjoy easy, healthy exercise, etc. At the end of each monthly nutrition class, our tenants “shop” for free, healthy food at the market.

What We Need Right Now

While we continue to help our people through these rough days, we really need your financial support.  The work has not been easy, and our staff has been incredible at adapting and staying involved. We have had to get creative but, with your help, WE CAN DO THIS!  

We also need a wide assortment of items to help tenants and participants struggling with job loss, furloughs, or medical expenses:

Personal Items – soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrushes, female sanitary supplies, toilet paper and paper towels

Cleaning Supplies – disinfectant solutions, broom/dust pans, mops, buckets, floor cleaners, trash cans, rubber gloves, cleaning rags

Baby Supplies – diapers, baby wipes, baby soaps, bibs, baby blankets, baby shampoos, baby food

Food – Nonperishables and bags to deliver door-to-door

Resources for Information and Assistance

Rental Assistance

Arizona Department of Housing Rental Eviction Prevention Assistance – The first step renters should take if they are concerned about paying their rent or facing eviction is to contact their on-site manager or lease agent by phone or email right away to let them know if you may need rental assistance or a payment plan for your next monthly rental payment. Early communication with residents and managers allows for more time to respond and explore all options.


Pima County Community Action Agency
Assistance with rent, utilities and other basic needs for low-income individuals and families. Phone: 520-724-2667. For those seeking information or assistance regarding eviction prevention, call the CAA Hotline at 520-724-2505.


Job Search and Unemployment Information

Pima Works 

Pima County set up this site to address the increase in unemployment due to the COVID-19 Pandemic,

Including how to apply for unemployment and the creation of the Dislocated Worker Hotline: 520-724-5735

Job Openings in Pima County 

Pima County One-Stop provides this listing to help you get back to work with a list of employers that is updated regularly.  If you are returning to the page, make sure to check the listings marked with NEW.  It also includes links to additional resources for job postings.

For the MOST up-to-date job openings, sign up by emailing


Local Information and Resources

Pima County Combined COVID-19 Information and Resources

For updated COVID-19 related information and access to programs and opportunities at the local, state and federal level and through the commercial and non-profit sectors intended to respond to the outbreak.


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
A federal program that provides benefits to supplement the food budget of needy families so they can purchase healthy food and move towards self-sufficiency. Information on changes to SNAP due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pima County Community Action Agency
Assistance with rent, utilities and other basic needs for low-income individuals and families. Phone: 520-724-2667. For those seeking information or assistance regarding eviction prevention, call the CAA Hotline at 520-724-2505.

Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona
The Community Food Bank has a map showing where you can get emergency food and free community meals at sites around Southern Arizona.


A national non-profit dedicated to creating social and economic opportunity by connecting low-income families to affordable internet service and computers. 

Arizona Prevention Research Center
More than 100 Southern Arizona COVID-19 related resources, with topics including health, mental health, housing, school meals, food and much more, with specific links for immigrants, parents and the LGBTQ community.  Phone number

Pima Eats

The restaurant and food business industry in Pima County appreciates the support and patronage of its community. In order to survive challenges of operating a business during COVID-19, most restaurants have transitioned into offering takeout and delivery.  There are many directors that list restaurants participating at this link and it is a good idea to call ahead or check online to make sure the restaurant is prepared to serve you.  Phone number

Face Coverings 

Learn how to make your own sewn cloth, no-sew cut t-shirt or no-sew bandana masks. The instructions are easy to follow and you can use materials you have on hand.


Federal Information and Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

All you need to know about Coronavirus (COVID-19).  This site is available in Spanish and other languages.


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