August 9, 2016



Organizational Overview

Compass Affordable Housing’s (CAH) ability to coordinate resources necessary to tackle challenging affordable housing design, development, and financing has made it a leader in Tucson CAH and staff partnerships with community groups, investors, federal and state agencies, as well as local municipalities, have brought millions of dollars of investment to help invigorate communities and distressed neighborhoods. We have a wealth of experience coordinating project management teams including architects, realtors, contractors, financing professionals, lenders, and consultants. We pride ourselves on being able to make significant, positive differences in communities and neighborhoods.

Our goals and values include improving the quality of family and community life by developing, producing, and managing high quality, service-enriched, affordable housing. We strive to increase efforts that make housing affordable on the local, state, and national levels. We believe that all people, no matter their income or ability, should have the opportunity to live in quality, affordable housing. We support low and moderate-income persons, including those who have special needs.

CAH staff has demonstrated development experience by completing several affordable housing projects in Arizona, including on tribal land, and financed by several sources. Projects have been nominated for and received awards and recognition.

CAH staff has extensive experience in affordable housing development, project coordination and financing, project development, program development, federal funding, and program and project compliance. In addition, staff have rich experience and educational backgrounds including organizational and business management; agency and program reorganization; program design and implementation; capacity building; resource utilization management; case management and support services; staff supervision; grant writing; community work; direct service delivery; accounting, audit and compliance; financing and financial operations; program operations management; and the acquisition, new construction, and rehabilitation of properties and sites that serve low-income populations. In addition, Compass Affordable Housing provides consulting, accounting and housing development services to and for local and state-wide organizations.

CAH’s experience also includes experience with:

  • HOME and CDBG
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration
  • HUD Homebuyer Counseling and First-time Home Buyer programs
  • USDA Mutual Self-Help Housing
  • HUD Tenant Opportunities Program
  • HUD Supportive Housing Program
  • HUD Section 811and HUD HOPE 3
  • Arizona Department of Housing State Housing Funds
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit
  • US Department of Agricultural Rural Development Programs
  • State of Arizona’s Prison Cities Housing Development Funds
  • Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program
  • Department of Economic Security ESG and Child Care Administration

CAH was established to remedy the lack of secure, good quality, and affordable housing for very low and low-income persons. Through its housing projects, such as Downtown Motor Apartments, Alvord Court Apartments, and Glenstone Village Apartments, CAH provides needed permanent and independent housing with support services for special needs populations, veterans and low income families.

CAH support services are coordinated through the Tenant Services Program. At each of CAH’s housing communities we provide tenant services unique to that site to support residents that assist them in maintaining their housing and meet their daily needs while living in high quality, affordable housing.

CAH also provides consulting services to other agencies to assist them in developing affordable housing and services for their clients.



Downtown Motor Apartments, Tucson, AZ 

Construction has been completed to redevelop an abandoned and neglected former motor lodge in downtown Tucson. Downtown Motor Apartments is an acquisition and demolition with new construction of a blighted structure. The project was awarded Arizona Low Income Housing Tax Credits and funding from the City of Tucson and the Federal Home Loan Bank. The project provides 44 units of affordable housing in a growing urban area that lacks affordable housing, especially for households that work in and near downtown Tucson. This sustainable development project consists of thirty-five one bedroom and nine two bedroom apartments. It serves low income and veteran households. Construction included demolition of the majority of the dilapidated structure and the commitment to remodel the two front buildings along South Stone Avenue and to refurbish the existing vintage aerial sign. Amenities include a parking garage, large apartments, interior halls and seating areas, balconies and patios, laundry, computer room, fitness center, near by transportation, a community center, an elevator, and on-site tenant services.


Alvord Court Apartments, Tucson, AZ     

Construction to develop 1.26 acres of vacant land in Tucson, AZ into quality energy efficient housing for persons with disabilities was completed in February 2016. The 25 housing units were completed using Universal Design Standards to make all units accessible. The project provides on-site tenant services and/or access to the programs, services and neighborhood amenities needed by this population. Amenities include a community center, community garden, large porches on each floor, an elevator, laundry facilities, food pantry, outdoor grill and patio, tenant services, and a courtyard. The project was awarded funding from the City of Tucson, Arizona Department of Housing, Pima County and the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco.


Vida Nueva Apartments, Tucson, AZ  vida-nueva

Working as the project manager, CAH completed work for Intermountain Centers for Human Development (ICHD) to redevelop 18,000 square feet of housing and community space to create healthy, secure and affordable housing for adults with developmental and mental disabilities. The project was awarded funding from the Arizona Department of Housing, the City of Tucson, Federal Home Loan Bank and private sources. The project incorporated energy efficiency design and focused on creating outdoor space that enhanced the community as a whole. The project preserved existing housing and increased the number of permanent housing units that are affordable for very-low income special needs persons.

Glenstone Village Apartments, Tucson, AZ img_0421

Working in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Housing; the City of Tucson, local nonprofit agencies, Enterprise Community Investment and the private sector; Compass Affordable Housing designed, developed and implemented strategic and operational plans for Glenstone Village Apartments. Glenstone Village Apartments is a sober living community catering to the personal mission of recovery and providing affordable housing in Tucson. CAH secured financing for and completed the development of the exhaustive renovation of this 72 unit multi-family complex (formerly 59-units) that provides affordable housing to single and parenting households. The apartment complex is a gated community. Amenities include a library, business center, community center, fitness center, and outdoor game and picnic areas. We also coordinated the project team. Our team also assisted with the development of the Tenant Services Program. The Tenant Services Program is an integral part of services provided by the housing and property team and plays a critical role in the overall property’s impact in enhancing the quality of the community’s health.


Compass Affordable Housing has provided oversight of operations of the following housing sites and programs in order to assist a local non-profit establish its transitional housing programs:

Vida Nueva, Tucson, AZ

  • 17,394 square feet in three buildings with 22 apartments, office, parking, pool laundry and a community room. The housing is for low-income parenting and non-parenting women in recovery from substance abuse.

Libertad, Tucson, AZ

  • 27,000 square feet with 20 apartments, pool, common areas, offices and laundry. This site provides housing to low-income adults in a mixed community, who are newly sober, including those re-entering the community from incarceration.

Safe Harbor, Tucson, AZ

  • 20 units in a 59-unit complex for newly sober men and women needing structured community living.