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While we continue to help our people through these rough days, we really need your financial support.  The work has not been easy, and our staff has been incredible at adapting and staying involved. We have had to get creative but, with your help, WE CAN DO THIS!  

We also need a wide assortment of items to help tenants and  struggling with job loss, furloughs, or medical expenses:

Personal Items – soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrushes, female sanitary supplies, toilet paper and paper towels

Cleaning Supplies – disinfectant solutions, broom/dust pans, mops, buckets, floor cleaners, trash cans, rubber gloves, cleaning rags

Baby Supplies – diapers, baby wipes, baby soaps, bibs, baby blankets, baby shampoos, baby food

Food – Nonperishables and bags to deliver door-to-door