August 26, 2016


Compass Affordable Housing’s (CAH) ability to coordinate resources necessary to tackle challenging affordable housing design, development, and financing has made it a leader in partnering with communities to address housing needs. CAH and staff partnerships with community groups, investors, federal and state agencies, as well as local municipalities, have brought millions of dollars of investment to help invigorate communities and distressed neighborhoods. We have a wealth of experience coordinating project management teams including architects, realtors, contractors, financing professionals, lenders, and consultants. We pride ourselves on being able to make significant, positive differences in communities and neighborhoods.

Our goals and values include improving the quality of family and community life by developing, producing, and managing high quality, service-enriched, affordable housing. We strive to increase efforts that make housing affordable on the local, state, and national levels. We believe that all people, no matter their income or ability, should have the opportunity to live in quality, affordable housing. We support low and moderate-income persons, including those who have special needs. CAH develops housing and services that change properties and positively affect the lives of residents and communities.